Welcome to The Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School. We hope this website will give you some idea of the education we provide whilst you are in hospital.

Our Mission Statement

To create a safe and inclusive learning environment for young people to enjoy, achieve and move forward with their lives.

Welcome from the Chair of Governors

What are our aims?

  • To discover all the things that you can do and build on your strengths.
  • To give you an enjoyable learning experience which is suited to your age and needs.
  • To develop your skills and knowledge so that you will be more confident in your future life and learning.
  • To make our school like other schools that you know already.

Who do we work with?
We have a primary/middle school department and three secondary/post 16 departments. The departments are split over two hospital sites, the Maudsley site in Camberwell and the Bethlem site in Beckenham.

At the Bethlem site:

  • Secondary / Post 16 – (Ward – Bethlem Adolescent Unit)
  • Primary / Middle Department – (Ward – Acorn Lodge)
  • PICU

At the Maudsley Site:

  • Snowsfields Adolescent Unit (Ward – Snowsfields Adolescent Unit)
  • Intensive Treatment Programme – (Michael Rutter Centre – ITP)

We are managed by a governing body which make decisions about how we run. There are representatives from the staff, parents, the local community, the hospital and from Southwark.

Where do you learn?
The school is close to the wards on the Bethlem site and we have colourful classrooms at the Maudsley site.

Sometimes, when young people are too unwell to come to us, staff will teach them for short periods on the ward.

We also aim to provide advice to young people up to the age of 19 across the Maudsley and Bethlem Hospitals.

What is on the timetable?
We provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is tailored to the individual. We teach the core subjects of the national curriculum: Maths, English and Science.   We offer subjects including: Music, Computing, Physical Education, Citizenship, Design and Technology, Languages, History, Geography, Art and Religious Education.

We also teach Sixth Form pupils who are focused on examination courses.

We have a very good relationship with an independent careers adviser, who supports us in helping learners with their future plans, whether this is a return to education, skills training or work.

Admissions – pupils are on roll with our school only whilst they are patients of either the Bethlem Royal Hospital or Maudsley Hospital.

Charging and remissions policies – The school does not charge parents or carers

We hope you have enjoyed finding out about our school. You can ask us any more questions when we meet in the future. We look forward to welcoming you.

Here is a video of the school