Oman Autism Conference Report

As detailed in the School Development Plan, we continue to look for opportunities to promote the school, both nationally and internationally.

Maarten Crommelin (Deputy Headteacher) was invited to present at the Gulf Autism Conference “Autism: Understanding Beyond Difference” which was held at Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre in Muscat on 24-26 January 2020.

SLT carried out an extensive analysis on the progress made by our pupils who have a diagnosis of autism.

In terms of the impact of the school, we were able to demonstrate that outcomes of pupils with ASD were as good as outcomes of pupils without an ASD diagnosis.

Short Description of the Lecture

“Engaging the Disengaged: Successful Learning by Pupils with ASD and Other in Disorders in Acute Psychiatric Hospital School Settings”

This case study-based presentation will look at how the school addresses the learning needs of pupils with ASD at a time of crisis in their lives when they are requiring inpatient treatment in two prominent psychiatric hospitals.

Using a series of assessments (some bespoke), teachers assess pupils rapidly following admission and plan a personalised curriculum which fits their needs. These assessments focus on standardised assessments of educational functioning and test behaviour. There are additional assessments on classroom functioning and well-being (happiness).

Pupils will be with the school only whilst they are in hospital. There is a strong focus on planning for successful reintegration back to their mainstream or specialist settings.   Pupils will often be receiving treatment for conditions that have presented alongside their existing ASD diagnoses. Some receive diagnoses for ASD whilst in hospital. The session looks at 2 case studies where pupils made remarkable progress with their learning journeys.


Download the accompanying Powerpoint as a pdf

The lecture was very well received and is included in this report for reference. It is likely there will be further opportunities to promote the work of the school in the region as a result.