Politics and Participation – Pupils Interview Local MP

As part of a series of lessons from “Politics and Participation” module in Citizenship we had a live Q&A with two education officers from the Houses of Parliament. Our young people prepared questions aimed at discovering more about how our parliamentary democracy works, differences between the two Houses and other procedural and historical topics. Both hosts were very impressed both with the insightful nature of pupils’ questions and the way in which they conducted themselves.

This morning we had a follow-up Q&A with MP for Beckenham, Bob Stewart. Again, the class had prepared a series of questions which were answered in detail and with passion by Bob Stewart. Once again, the young people represented the school in a truly positive way. Their questions were probing without being personal and the session extended well beyond the expected 30 minutes.

Bob Stewart expressed his intention to visit the school in person once he is able to do so.