Dear Parent or Carer,

I am writing on behalf of the governors and staff of Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School to introduce ourselves and to welcome you and your child to our unique school.

Ofsted have judged our school to be ‘Outstanding’ and we have, undoubtedly, some of the most experienced and capable staff of any school in the country. However, far as we can, we aim to be an ordinary school for exceptional children and young people in an extraordinary circumstance. We appreciate that your child is unwell at present but we continue to have the highest expectations of them, their attendance, engagement and continued commitment to their education .  We know that the vast majority of our children and young people will leave us to re-join their own school; some are with us only a few days, some weeks and some for a number of months. Our programme for your child will be personalised to their need and to their circumstance, but where possible, they will work together, in community with other children and young people.

Our staff set an example of hard work and dedication which is inspirational in itself, but despite the seriousness of our purpose, you will find us as an ordinary school should be, light, bright and full of laughter. Welcome to our school.

Mickey Kelly, Chair of Governors

Please find here information about our governing body including register of business interests, committee membership and attendance.

List of governors and committees 2018-9.docx

List of governors and register of interests

Here is a list of the subjects covered by the Learning and Teaching Committee

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment – November 2018
Case studies – self management and behaviour through RRS/IEP – May 2018
Web resources – March 2018
School development plan – November 2017
Learning Journeys – May 2017
Personalised Learning – March 2017
Broad and Balanced Curriculum – March 2016
Safeguarding – May 2015
Database – March 2015
E-Safety – November 2014
Case Studies – May 2014
Teacher standards – March 2015
Case studies – October 2013
Numeracy across the curriculum – May 2013
Reintegration, next steps, careers advice and guidance – February 2013
Physical Education – October 2012
Presentations from TA’s / HLTA’s – February 2012
The Arts – November 2011
PSHCE & RE – June 2011
Science – March 2011
ICT – November 2010
English – April 2010
Maths – November 2009