Social Story: Temperature Check (Younger student version)

Temperature Check

We are looking forward to welcoming our students back into the Maudsley School.

Before students can enter the school site they will check in at the Michael Rutter Centre car park.

This is so students can get a temperature check and a mask

An ear thermometer is used to check temperatures. It can feel a bit strange but it wont hurt.

Normal temperature is around 37°C


If your temperature is above 38°C then you will be unable to attend school. This is because you may be unwell and have a fever.

If you have a raised temperature, it does not mean that you have Coronavirus. There are lots of reasons why temperatures rise, but it is good to find out why and to keep everyone safe and well and stop the possibility of any infection.

When you arrive at the car park, you will also be given a face mask.

This does not mean that you or anyone in the hospital has Coronavirus. The masks are being worn as a precaution to stop the possibility of any infection.

The good news is that the infection is slowing. This is due to people following the guidelines.

This means that we can access education and other activities safely.