Duck Diaries 2021

  • Ducks Day 1
    Ducks Day 1 The ducks are starting to crack
  • Ducks Day 2
    Today the eggs started hatching.
  • Ducks – Day 3
    The average weight of the ducks was 56g, the hatch rate was 66% and there are now 4 lovely ducklings! Here’s a punny joke to really ‘quack you up’: What did Detective Duck say to his partner?“Let’s quack this case!”
  • Ducks – Day 4
    Photos by YRW Today the students named the ducks Louis – The biggest Custard Theodore / Quack Goose – (The smallest) Observation Notes They are happy, growing strong, drinking well, very social.The tips of their wings and tails are turning a lighter colourthe ducklings are standing stronger and are in the water. They enjoy the […]
  • Ducks – Day 7
    Observations Ducks are happy and are growing well. They are developing small feathers already on their wing tips and tail.Their toes are starting to show . Today they had their first swim in a small pool that we got for them. They enjoyed splashing around and swimming under water. Afterwards they spent a long time […]