Curriculum Intent

The school provides a highly personalised curriculum which aims to support its pupils to move forward with their lives at the point of discharge from the hospital.

Our curriculum reflects the breadth and depth of the National Curriculum for our students in Key Stages 1-3.

For those of our students who are not in education when they first attend our school we utilise a bespoke range of programmes to give our students an opportunity to reconnect with their education and career goals.

The curriculum for students in Key Stages 4-5 places emphasis on supporting our pupils to work towards their chosen end of Key Stage examinations or Study Programmes.

We work closely with our students’ home schools to reflect as closely as possible their topics and / or schemes of work.

We respect and provide education tailored to each student’s personal journey whilst they are in the hospital environment.

To find out more about the curriculum offer for your child please contact their named key teacher on 020 8777 1897.

Please see below for a set of sample timetables, taken from different units across our school.

PICU Timetable

ITP timetable

Primary and Middle timetable

Secondary-Post 16 timetable

Snowsfields timetable

How we teach reading – Teaching Reading