Mental Health – Resources for schools

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Resources for school leaders

Leading the Mentally Healthy School – What you do – what you want (2)

Leading the Mentally Healthy School – Resources updated

Leading the mentally healthy school – concepts and policy

Leading the mentally healthy school – latest Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools


These presentations outline the school’s use of the Happiness Line Measure (HLM) alongside others that address assessments of happiness in school (SCHI)  as well as reintegration readiness (RRS)

Happiness Line Measure (HLM) – Cambridge (2011)

Re-integration Readiness Scale (RRS) – Lausanne Feb. 2015

Schoolchildren’s Happiness Inventory and bullying (SCHI)- Paris Sept. 2005

>FF evaluation of SCHI


A presentation given to medical staff at the Maudsley Hospital exploring mental illness as a special educational need in the revised code of practice.

Mental Illness as a Special Educational Need

Guidance on preparing to teach about mental health and emotional wellbeing
PSHE Association – Mental Health guidance
MindEd is a free educational resource on children and young people’s mental health for all adults.
The Happiness Line Measure (HLM)
This published measure can be used to gauge the happiness of individual pupils but it also gives an insight into what makes a child happy or unhappy in school.  From this information it is possible to devise targets that tap into the pupils` concept of their own happiness and therefore help them to achieve.  Instructions for Happiness Line Measure
Some more resources 
Information re applying for Educational Healthcare Plan